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Hosting a speaker for a NEDAwareness Week event is a great way to educate your community about the dangers of eating disorders and how to responsibly talk to someone you are concerned about. The outreach efforts of volunteer speakers play an important role in connecting those affected to the help they need.

Questions about volunteer speakers? Email Program Manager, Diana Kalogridis.

Find a Volunteer Speaker

Volunteer Speakers are available to speak in your area on eating disorders. They are prepared with NEDA copyrighted presentations, educational guidelines, and, if they have personal experience with an eating disorder (self or a loved one), they can share their experiences responsibly. Please note that these speakers are specifically available for NEDAwareness Week only, and may not be available throughout the year. To secure a NEDAwareness Week speaker, please:

  1. Check the online volunteer speaker database to see if there is a volunteer speaker in your area.
  2. Once you find a volunteer speaker, fill out the NEDAwareness Week Speaker Request Form, save it and then email it to the speaker you wish to secure.

Note: Once volunteer speakers have completed the Volunteer Speaker Webinar, they will be added to the online volunteer speaker database.

Become a Volunteer Speaker

Volunteer speakers are invaluable to outreach and educational efforts during NEDAwareness Week. NEDA organizes a NEDAwareness Week volunteer speaker training (hosted via webinar), led by experts in the field and featuring personal stories of recovery. In addition, volunteer speakers are equipped with the materials they need for a successful outreach effort. After the training is completed, volunteer speakers are entered into our online volunteer speaker database, where individuals in your community can find you and request a presentation.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer speaker. We have currently closed the application process, but hope you will join us for NEDAwareness Week 2016!

Already registered as a volunteer speaker?

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You can now let your communities know that you are a NEDAwareness Week volunteer speaker by sending this Outreach Letter. Telling others that you are able to present on topics discussing eating disorders can be a valuable resource for those who may need help or knows someone who does.