Get Involved

NEDA is asking everyone to do just one thing to raise awareness about eating disorders and direct those affected to the help they need.

NEDAwareness Week participants can choose from a wide range of ways to get involved: creating a life-size Barbie display to start a discussion at your school, hosting a movie screening on your campus, writing an op-ed article for your local newspaper, providing information about early warning signs and available resources to PTA members, and many more options. Whichever you choose, your efforts help bring attention to the seriousness of eating disorders, need for early detection and intervention and availability of help and resources to those affected.

We've put together some planning guides and activity ideas to make your NEDAwareness Week efforts fun and easy! Check out the many ways you can get involved. There is something for everyone, regardless of your time and resources.

How-To Guides

Want to join us for NEDAwareness Week, but aren't sure where to start? Get some ideas from our Target Outreach Planning and other activity How-To Guides here!

Promote NEDAwareness Week

Take advantage of these free resources to start promoting your NEDAwareness Week activities now.

Eating Disorder Blogs Raising Awareness

People across the country are talking about eating disorders online, offering insight into the recovery process, strategies for self-care, and much more. Check out the NEDAwareness Week blogroll here, and, submit a blog of your own today! 

Host a "Someday Melissa" Screening

NEDA Network Member Someday Melissa documentary is a powerful tool to use for raising awareness of eating disorders and enable a dialog to help reach your community. It provides a platform to discuss education, treatment and prevention of eating disorders. Visit the Someday Melissa page to view the trailer and to purchase your own Screening Toolkit for your event.