Frequently Asked Questions

My time is limited. Should I participate?

Yes! If everyone does just one thing, we can have a huge impact!  There are many different ways you can make a difference in someone’s life without planning a big event.  Check out the Get Involved section for great ideas on how you can be a part of raising awareness. You can plan your NEDAwareness Week events for a later date if you need to do so, and you can register your events year round. If you are interested in being a part of our social media outreach, be sure to follow us on Twitter: @NEDAstaff using #NEDAwareness and Facebook. Your participation makes a difference no matter how you do it! 

When is the best time to start planning NEDAwareness Events?

The earlier the better, but it’s never too late! The Event Planning Guide available in the Events section has tons of tips to help you get started months in advance, or help you pull something together last minute.  

Does it matter how large or small my community or campus is?

No. Eating disorders and body image dissatisfaction affect people from all walks of life. Whether you reach one person, a group of 10 people or 2,000 – every effort to raise awareness has an impact.

Are there speakers who are willing to make appearances during NEDAwareness event?

Yes. We have many individuals who participate as NEDAwareness Week Volunteer Speakers who will take requests to present to a group. Please note that these individuals may receive many requests for their time – especially during NEDAwareness Week. You can search for Volunteer Speakers by clicking on the Speakers tab and selecting your state or city from the dropdown menu.

The scheduled week for NEDAwareness Week conflicts with other events on my calendar. Can I still participate?

Yes! While one of the benefits of NEDAwareness Week is the national attention we garner when people across the country are hosting events and activities at the same time of year, it is still worthwhile to hold your events at another time. We encourage those who cannot commit to those dates to plan for another week that would better fit their community or university’s schedule. NEDAwareness Week resources are available to you all year round.