Faces of Recovery

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Who's Your Recovery Hero?

Recovery from an eating disorder doesn’t happen in a vacuum – friends, family members, treatment professionals, activists, and inspirational figures all play important roles. That’s why we’re working with Instagram, Project Heal, and Recovery Spark on the Recovery Heroes campaign to celebrate all of the people who make recovery possible.

Post a picture of video of yourself and your hero on Instagram with a caption talking about how they helped you on your journey using the #RecoveryHeroes and #NEDAwareness hashtags. Some posts will be selected to be re-posted on @Iskra, @NEDA, and @ProjectHeal during NEDAwareness Week (Feb.26 – Mar. 4).

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The Marginalized Voices Project

Despite common stereotypes, eating disorders affect people from all ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, gender identities, and sexualities. Unfortunately that diversity is rarely reflected in the way eating disorders are discussed and treated.

The Marginalized Voices project confronts the prevailing myths about who struggles with eating disorders, underscoring that everyone’s experience is equally as valid and deserving of care and recovery.

Stories of Hope

Each person’s experience is uniquely impacted by their many identities, including race or ethnicity, age, ability, religion, gender, and sexuality. We invite you to read these diverse Stories of Hope to gain inspiration and insights from those who have been through the difficult journey to recovery. The many stories here remind us that full recovery is possible, and there is help and support available to those struggling with an eating disorder.

Digesting the Truth

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Triumphing Through Adversity

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In and Out of BED

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Hope for Parents

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