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Wednesday, February 1, 2017
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The first GLOBAL eating disorder awareness project, now in it's third year.

By yourself, or in group wear your most colorful, craziest socks. Take photos (just feet please) and post to your Facebook page as well as the Sockit to ED FB page, . Please be sure your location is on or you indicate your city, state and country in the photo. If possible, collect donations for your favorite eating disorder charity. NEDA would be great! For help creating a group of Socksters please see the Sockit FB page FILES. A SOCKIT TO ED template is available there as well, please include it in your photo. Each year a video will be made from the photos as a culmination to the project. You can view the 2015 and 2016 videos on our FB page.

WE WILL BE "SOCKING IT" THE ENTIRE MONTH OF FEBRUARY! Gather your friends, family, church or any kind of group together. Have fun. Show the WORLD we are not alone.

A quote from Elysa Roberts of Australia;

"the global connection is so empowering! I listened to the Good Life Project podcast where poet, author Mark Nepo said, "we are more together than we are alone". While I wish, Joan, you would have never needed to start SockIt to ED, those of us benefiting are grateful for your wholeheartedness."

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Joan Riederer