About #NEDAwareness Week

The goal of National Eating Disorders Awareness Week (#NEDAwareness Week) is to put the spotlight on the seriousness of eating disorders and to improve public understanding of their causes, triggers and treatments. By increasing awareness and access to resources, we can encourage early detection and intervention, which can improve the likelihood of full recovery for millions.
This year, the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) is focusing on the importance of early intervention. We’re encouraging the public to take just 3 minutes to complete the confidential online eating disorders screening at Taking 3 minutes to complete the screening will help determine if it is time to seek professional help.
If someone is exhibiting signs or thoughts of struggling with an eating disorder, intervening during the early stages of development can significantly increase the likelihood of preventing the onset of a full-blown eating disorder. It also leads to greater chances of a full recovery. It can prevent years of struggle and can even save lives. A key goal of #NEDAwareness Week is to direct individuals to a free online screening for eating disorders at
This year, we are asking everyone to complete the online eating disorders screening and to encourage their loved ones, friends, colleagues, and more to take part as well. In addition to sharing the screening, you can learn more about these illnesses and how important it is to keep the conversation about eating disorders relevant and ongoing. Sharing facts and stats online, hosting an event, or participating in our social media events are great ways to be a part of this year’s initiative. Visit "Get Involved" to find ways you can take part in the fight against these life threatening illnesses.
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Join Chevese Turner of & more for a Conference on BED! Learn more:
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Hosting a Week event in your community? Don't forget to post it to the website to get the word out!
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Check out our amazing ally on - She's an girl and an amazing voice for change!
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Yes, we would LOVE that! A great way to round out the Mental Health Suite!
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